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hiii Diane!

Dirty Harry - Gorillaz
will survive - Cake
Anemone - the Brian Jonestone Massarade
Ne me laisse par l’aimer -  Brigitte Bardot
Electric feel- MGMT

mylifeastatiana asked: Tatiana, s'il vous plaît!

voilà ma chérie!

Two fingers - Jake Bugg

All we ask - Grizzly Bear

The girl from ipanema

need a man to love - Janis Joplin

forest - The cure

No more singin’ blues - Kyteman

Aretha, Sing for me - Cat Power


laura carlin

Mick Jagger celebrating his 21 years in July 26, 1964.


I’ve always loved this part of my bedroom, the little space behind my window. In spring I sit there and watch people passing by or read books. In summer I spend most of my nights between the opened window and my closed shutters and listen to the midnights sounds and feel the hot breezes. Oh, I love this place !



The White Stripes | Hello Operator

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Doublefaced No. 30
Sebastian Bieniek

aemiliaiaia asked: Jente


Jimmy - Moriarty

Everylasting light - The Black keys

Nugget - Cake

The  moon song - (her)

Everybody Loves My Baby - Brigitte Bordot

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bucoholic asked: federica :~) (happy easter !)

Thank you!!! :)

FU-GEE-LA - Fugees

Explenations - Selah Sue

Dickhead - Katenash

Everywhere I go - The Black Keys

Red whine Lips- Lisa Mitchell

I'll try antthing at once

Cocaine Blues - Nick Drake

Ain’t nothing like you - Blakroc


Ana Kraš, New York Studio