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17. the Netherlands
foxmartindale[.]bandcamp[.]com/album/all-the-things-we-used-to-do you should listen to this song its so cute!!!!
- ifeeldreamy

this song is so so so soo nice!!! thank you so much! 

hooooi!!! vandaag ging ik naar de speeltuin met mijn buurmeisje en kochten we ijsjes op de terugweg
- maluboe

ooh wat klinkt dat leuk! ik zou stiekem ook wel weer eens naar de speeltuin willen

i had an okay day, stayed in my pjs all day, how was yours?
- Anonymous

I had an okay day as well :) I went to a friend, she just came back from a week vacation so she had a lot of nice stories to tell. We drunk tea, had a good laugh and danced to nice music and hugged for a very long time. Later I went to an art gallery with my mum. Now I’m home alone, listening to the Wytches :)

tell me about your day!! tell me about your last dream!! talk to me about music you like!! ask me a interesting question!! tell me your favorite movie!! when were you the happiest this week!! send me a song or a poem!! describe the person you love the most!! talk to me!! 


I fucking love women I am blessed with the best women in the world

(via funkies)


lets paint together as we fall in love